Stop Tripping Over Stumps

Stop Tripping Over Stumps

Get stump grinding service in Centralia, MO and surrounding areas

Stumps in your yard aren’t just ugly. They pose a safety hazard to you and your family. Think of how easy it is to trip over a half-hidden stump and get hurt.

Prevent disaster by calling the professionals. Economy Tree Trimming, LLC uses various stump grinding techniques to ensure the safety of families across Centralia, MO and surrounding areas.

Our stump removal service includes:

  • Measuring the stump
  • Stump grinding below the surface
  • Cleaning up after the process is completed

Reseeding is also available.

Stop stumbling over stumps. If you’re ready to make your yard safe again, call us today.

Why should you remove your tree stump?

Whether you had a tree in your yard cut down or you uncovered a tree stump while gardening, call Economy Tree Trimming for stump removal.

There are a few reasons for getting a stump removal service:

  • Stumps ruin the appearance of your yard.
  • New trees can grow from the stump.
  • Stumps pose a safety risk to your family.
  • Pests are attracted to a decaying stump.

For more information about the hazards of tree stumps, call now to speak with an expert.